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World history infuences our lives in many ways. If the past had not been like it was, our lives would be different. Our futures are impacted by all our decisions and the way we choose to live in the present. It is the same with world history. Who knew that a battle in ancient times could affect a country's boundaries today? I think it is cool that the techniques that were developed in ancient times, such as irrigation, are still used today. My guiding question was "How did Japanese culture affect Japanese literature?" I learned that a lot of the literature from ancient Japan described the world and the things that the author was surrounded by. I find it cool that when the culture of Japan changed, so did the literature. Even the type of literature that was being written was affected by the culture of Japan. Many types of literature was created because writers were adapting to the culture. 

During the world history fair, I learned a lot. When we had the thirty minutes to explore, I felt like I was traveling the world. I learned about oragami, and why the Hanging Gardens of Babalon were so important. I also learned about Greek religion. The Greek people used to decorate their temples elaborately because they wanted the gods to be happy. In addition, I learned about the lock system that Leonardo da Vinci created. I gained a lot of knowledge during the whole process of completing this project.

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