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by Jared H

teacher: Melanie Transue

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Just For Fun!! 09/11
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I fell for someone who won't be able to read this unless I post it on Facebook I'm lazy. This is my first blog since I'm new I hope you enjoy.
I would say we were like Romeo and Juliet,
Our parents don’t want us to be together,
Only a few people know about us,
And it feels like it will be forever for us to meet,
I will not say we are like Romeo and Juliet,
Even though our love came fast within a weekend,
Even if my legs weaken and tremble as I write to you,
My heart skips a beat and I can’t feel my feet,
I will not say we are like them,
We are much better, we roughed it through bad weather,
Holding hands and grasping life,
None of this should be ended by a knife,
So we are not Romeo and Juliet because you and me....equal being together majestically.

Another poem "My Enemy"

Me and my enemy used to be close friends,
We used to share laughter and finish each others sentences,
Then I stupidly decided we should date then it was up to fate,
No longer do we speak we don't even acknowledge each other,
I beg I beg for forgiveness but it disapears in the wind,
I hate that we couldn't work it out,
I hate how for months I was left to pout,
But I didn't hate you,
In the end your not my enemy....
Its the person stering back at me in my reflection, thats my enemy,
He is the one who brought the saddening.

My poems usually come from after I date the crazy people I date, :).
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