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Sixth grade Science students blogging from the Pacific Northwest in Chimacum, WA!
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by teacher: Alfonso Gonzalez
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this is persuasive writing. students should have a personal blog from 6th grade onward. this is because it helps them communicate with the outside world. in all classes (except for maybe history or something...)it would help other people that read our blogs to learn if we made a post every period or something along the lines of that.also, blogging is fun. its definitely better than just writing on paper and pinning it up on a wall somewhere.

but blogging also has its bad spots. like hackers, cyberbullies, and what happened to one of my friends. internet immersion. thats whan your your life starts revolving around youtube, anime game sites, quizazz, and when your next computer time is. this was especially hard for me and one of my other friends, because we both have no internet at home whatsoever. i think shes still at it . 

well that is the persuasivest blog i have ever wrote. and that is why students should have a blog starting in 6th grade. yep!  thats it!

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