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by Cory W teacher: Melanie Transue
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April FreeWrite

The problem is I don’t know what’s wrong. How can I fix when I have no clue about what’s wrong? Can you shed some light on what is wrong? Can you help me? Help me find the problem between us? What is this emptiness that is between us? Is it tearing us apart or is it just tearing me apart? What am I suppose to do? Just sit here and hope that something comes to you? Someone comes and helps me?

But in reality all I want is you to help me. That’s all I want is for you to help me to finger out what is wrong and tell me how I can make the wrong into right. Can you help me their? Can you find the thing that I need most. Can you help me through this? Will you be there at the end for me? Will you be their waiting for me? Or will you just walk away and leave me behind. To sit here and think of what I possibly did wrong? I can tell you now I have no clue what when wrong or what I did wrong. So I will ask you now please for me can you help me? Can you pull me through this like I use to with you? Will you still be there when I need you the most?

O please o please be their just for me. Just wait for me I find my way all I ask is you just wait. Can you do that for me? Sit down and wait till I make it out so I can see you again. In the same light that I seen you in before. Like when you were always their for me and wouldn’t abounded me. You never abandon me before not like an old car that wouldn’t move in the dead of night. So please don’t leave me. I don’t want to be that car that makes you walk into town for gas. So yet again I ask you can you shed just a sliver of light on which I wrong you? I really have no clue how I did. But if you want to leave me and get on the bus and don’t look back and you just leave I will understand because I wrong you to many times so if u just leave without a good bye I will understand. But will you know that I do love you . Please remember that and don’t forget me that’s only if you leave.
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There is a lot of questions in this thats the only thing I didn't like. Other than that I think it was pretty good.
Posted May 23, 2012 at 07:57 AM by • Jamon C
Posted May 23, 2012 at 07:57 AM by • Jamon C
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