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Do I think before I act? Yes, I do. I thought about how to get to the Underworld before I did it. I thought about looking back for Eurydice before I did it. However, I don't always completely think through it. I completely thought through how I would distract and mesmerize everybody with my music. However, love blinded me at one point. Hades promised me that if I didn't look back, Eurydice would come. I almost made it. But I didn't trust, or follow directions. I did think about it. I thought about how Hades might be playing a trick on me. I thought about how a peek wouldn't hurt. I didn't think about how if Eurydice was following, I would be punished, though. She was following, and had I taken just mere steps more, I'd have had her. I looked back, and I saw her there, as a spirit. I was punished in that Eurydice went back. So, I learned my lesson. Completely think through something before you act, because though I think before I act, I'm not thourough enough, and this cost me my lover as well as my life.
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