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Well if the internet disappears we all going to be affected, negative or positive way. For me internet is huge part of my life. I communicate with my families which are thousands and thousands of miles away. I talk to them every single day on Skype. Therefore you can see if i lose the internet, I will lose this opportunity which is very cheap long distance communication, I can still call them, however it will affect me financially, and my phone bill will be unaffordable. The technology also made us easy to connect with global friendship; we can make a friend from another part of the world, thanks to BBM AND Facebook. We can also learn anew cultures and exchange ideas which I think is pretty helpful to know something about what is going on globally. The second thing I like about the internet is the entertainment, for example the music and movies websites etc. the internet itself has disadvantage, I think we are becoming very dependent on it, in a way which leads to us very lazy society. The article we read the other day which was the gist generation, the author was talking about how the internet affected us, I agree with him.
And I think we aren’t using our brains, like we used to be, and if we don’t practice using our brain it will shrink.overall for me internet has more advantage then disadvantage.

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I agree that we chose to become lazy sometimes using the computers theses days, but yes there are positive outcome of having the internet it's because we can communicate through to see and speak to famliy long distances.
Posted June 7, 2012 at 12:03 PM by • Lesley R
Posted June 7, 2012 at 12:03 PM by • Lesley R
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