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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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Overview - The point of this project was to compear what we know about the ancient Romans culture to what we know about the anceint Germans culture.We also were working on making a 5 paragraph essay.

                                                              Germans VS. Romans

      The German people’s way of life was very different to that of which of the Romans. The German Warriors were different than the Romans. The laws were different and thirdly the daily life was different.


    The warriors were different. The German warriors were given a shield and a sword and if they lost the shield and/or the sword it meant they lost their honor. The romans used a double-edged iron swords. The German warriors loyalties were to the cheiftain or person elected by a band of warriors. Where as the Roman warriors were organized into legions and they listened to the leader of their legion. Lastly the German bands didn’t have a plan when going into fights. It was more like surprise raids. However the Roman legions trained never stopped training they took long marches daily.

    The laws were different. The German laws came from the people. Unless the German people approved, the rulers couldn’t make or change laws. The Roman laws came from the emperors. The German laws were based on the customs of their ancestors and the Romans came from the emperors. The german laws weren’t written down but memorized and passed down. Whatever the Roman emperor said was final.

    The daily life of the Romans was different than that of the Germans. The average Roman lived in apartments and the higher up the apartment the lower the cost. The average German lived in open spaces in thatched- roof huts. Roman women could work in or own a show. German women would help the children and enslaved farm.

    So in conclusion, the Romans were very different from the Germans in many different ways. Such as their warriors dressed and trained differently. The laws were made differently and the daily life was fairly different.

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