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Guiding Question- What kind of weapons and armor did gladiators use and how did it effect Ancient Rome?
I learned that gladiatorss get a sword or other hand held weapon and a shield, either for thrusting or raw protection, and net fighters got a trident and a net. Seems unfair to me but thats how it was in Ancient Rome in that time period. I also learned that the net fighters were usually either slaves or prisoners trying to gain their freedom by making a miracle come true.
From other peoples projects I learned that in the Ancient Roman army, they used a catapult to fire large or small boulders a far distance to crush enemies and destroy large buildings needed to break down so they could get past. A nother thing I learned is that Sumo wrestlers were a big part in china's history. Surprising right?!? The last thing that I learned was that Gladiators had the strongest army of their time. they conquered many Empires and expanded greatly. Those are some of the things that I learned at the World History Fair.
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