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Wow I can't belive that is is over. I am happy with the grade I got because I worked really hard on it. My guiding question is How did the Roman Goddess influence the Ancient Roman people?
The answer is...
Men would devote their lives to marring her but Diana would never marry.
Pregnant women would pray to her for an easy delivery. The most interesting part about Diana I learned was that Diana was the goddess of child fertility, and when Diana was born she caused her mother no pain. After she was born she turnd around and helped her mother give birth to her twin brother Apollo. So now Diana wil help women give a quick and easy birth or a fast death to a dying mother giving birth.
A really cool thing I learnd was that in Ancient Egypt the Egyptians would worship cats. This persons posterboard was really cool it had color and lots of facts. Another thing is someone did their project on Roman archetechture. Their museum display was really cool. They made the Roman Collesseum out of clay.
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