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One hot summer day Rory, Derek, and Bolivia went to a Park. Mom told the boys that they were going to a park. So the boys ran to there room. Mom also told them they were going to meet a surprise visitor when they go to the picnic.

When they went in the car the whispered who are we going to meet? Rory said all we know is that we are having a picnic. Derek said I hope we don’t have to eat tofu sandwiches with Maurice and listen to him play his violin. They keep whispering for 10 minuets. When they got to the park they were shocked!

It was Bolivia. They had asked there mom if they could go play and there mom said yes. They did so many races (Bolivia beat them all). Then they played tag Bolivia was it twice. They played hid and seek. It was the only game Bolivia was not so good at. They had a lot of fun.

It was time to eat they had no idea it was a pizza party. There were three extra large cheese pizzas. There was 2 different sodas orange soda, and root beer. And dissert was ice cream. Rory had 2 slices of pizza. Derek had 3. And Bolivia had 6. They all had a great time. Then for dessert they had root beer floats.

After a while it was 7:00. It was time to go home they had a great time. Then they had to go home. They said bye to Bolivia and got in there car. We talked all the way home. And had good memories.
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