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I think world history influences us today by just having to learn about the past. When we learn about history it gives us a picture of what the world before us was and how it worked. It tells us what happened then and how different it was from our generation. So my guiding question was how did the Battle of Actium affect Cleopatra’s life? I learned a lot of things about her and the life style back then and how people acted. The most interesting part for me was learning about how different the people were back then and how they acted around other citizens. In Cleopatra’s time citizens would bow before their ruler and not break the law in any way because the punishment was horrible but people now days break the law all the time and usually the only thing they get is jail time. Back then it was sudden death, hanging, execution or even slow death.

When it was our teams turn to go look around at the other team’s projects it was interesting. They did all different projects. When I would ask them about their projects they were way different then mine. I found a lot of people did Cleopatra but not all of them had the same guiding question or information, it was all different. I learned that I didn’t know all about Cleopatra’s life, there was some stuff I didn’t learn at all like how she married her brother and that she wasn’t really Egyptian she was Greek.
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