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One fine windy day all of the crew was aboard The Wanderer. Rosalie is aboard with them. Dock invited her when they were on that one walk. If you didn’t know, Dock loves Rosalie. Everybody was just having a good time when they heard a very loud BANG! They went outside to look.
Cody was the first one to notice something very peculiar. He shouted, “THERE IS A GIANT TENTACLE HITTING THE SHIP!” Sophie started crying and she fell off and screamed, “THE GIANT TENTACLE IS EATING MY FA----“They couldn’t hear her anymore.
Brian started panicking and yelling, “ONE DOWN!” When Brian was running around screaming like a little girl, he accidentally pushed Cody off. Cody went down and yelled, “THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT A TENTACLE! THAT IS A----------“He was dead, too.
Brian felt so bad that he just said, “I HAVE DISCRACED MY FAMILY!” He then jumped off. The tentacle then rose up. It was not just a tentacle. It was giant sea monster! Everybody was panicking when Dock finally said, “GET DA BIG TENTACUL!” He was so scared he wasn’t talking right.
Uncle Mo jumped off and kicked the sea monster but it did nothing. He died. Uncle Stew tried to throw a chair at it but it just used the chair to pull him in. It was just Dock and Rosalie now. Dock was panicking because Rosalie was crying. He decided it was time to do something. He didn’t do anything though because he couldn’t without dying.
He saw the sea monster rise up and then he heard somebody talking. Was he hallucinating? No, the sea monster was talking. The sea monster said, “I was just trying to knock on your door. Everybody tried to kill me. I was just going to apologize for sending that huge wave your way. It was an accident from a pool party. I’m sorry for everything. You can stay at my 5 Star Hotel, The Sea Monster Paradise.” Dock asked nervously, “Where is the hotel?” The sea monster said, “In my stomach. The others are already there.” Dock said, “Tell them I’m coming.” Rosalie said, “IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT A WOMAN?!” She called a whale, jumped into his blowhole, and lived there forever. It is a pretty nice place, actually. It has electricity and everything. The crew of The Wanderer stayed at the hotel while the sea monster took them to Bompie’s house.
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