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In Mr.Waters class we are learning about the Romans and Germans also we compared them together. Also we learned how to write a 5 paragraph essay.

The Romans and Germans were different. They both lived in two different places like the Romans lived in a city; the Germans lived in a village with their animals to keep warmth. They had different laws like the Romans had an emperor and two consuls, also a senate. The Germans did not write down there laws so when they had kids they told them what the law was. They told there kids to remember the law. They also had to go to court to help to not start a fight. The Romans and the Germans had games. One of the games for the Romans was called the gladiatorial games, but the Germans had sports. They both loved to eat and drink. The Germans liked beer; the Romans liked wine and fruits.
The Romans and the Germans are alike in many different ways. Romans had a city that they had rich people and poor but the rich lived in marble home and the walls were marble and the floor but the Germans lived in villages the Germans lived in huts with their animals for the warmth from the cold. The Romans were more civilized unlike the Germans were not civilized and when the Romans went to war they had a strategy but the Germans did not have a lot of strategies.
Romans had laws, it came from the emperor. The Romans had two consuls, also a senate. The laws were written on the Twelve Tablets. The Romans posted the laws so people could see them. The Germans did not have laws written down. They got told when they were kids to remember the law and then they passed it down. The Germans had a court to help not start a fight but that sometimes never happened.
Romans and Germans both had games. The Romans had gladiatorial games. They would fight to the death. It involved people and animals. It was really violent. The Germans played sports like boxing and wrestling. The Germans and the Romans both liked eating and drinking. The Gladiatorial games involved killing and gambling in the gladiatorial games. The German entertainment did not involve killing anyone.
The Romans and Germans were different. Romans lived in a city and Germans they lived in a village with their animals so they could keep warm. They both liked to eat and drink. The laws had to be passed down to the kids in the German society. Romans wrote there laws down. There are differences in the village life of the Germans versus the city life of Romans.
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