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The Romans vs. The Germans

We were asked to type a five paragraph essay on the differences of the Romans and the Germans cultures.

The Germanic and Roman people had two very different lifestyles and these differences made them people that were at their core different. Different in how they looked at things and different in how they used their surroundings. One was a thinking society that built great systems to work for the people, while the other were workers who used their willpower and endurance to make a life for themselves without much outward help. When put all together the differences between the two it all adds up to make the Germans and the Romans very different. Almost like city dwellers versus country people. Neither one can be said to be better but they are certainly different. Although similar in many ways and in the end both their empires failed the differences between the two societies were great.

The Romans and Germans both were different a very different in many ways. One of the differences was their individual lifestyles. Romans lived in cities that were ahead of their time with running fresh water from the aqueducts they had built and furnaces constructed for heat. Roman homes were elaborate with marble and stone floors and large windows. The Germans on the other hand lived in simple villages with houses built with thatched roofs and dirt floors. Animals were kept inside the homes. Germans used body heat to keep warm. These homes were surrounded by farmland and pastures that was good for farming and keeping their cattle. The inside of the homes were basic had had little decorations and furniture. German life was about farming and growing crops. Germans used their family almost as slaves as the women and children did most of the farm work, housework and cooking. While they would trade the cattle for goods the farmers grew their own food. Women would make their own clothes and the men would build the things they needed. They were a self sufficient society. The Roman life on the other hand was about trading for their food and goods or in the case of the wealthy buying what they needed. The Romans used slaves from other lands to do hard labor, housework and just about anything else.

The Romans and Germans both enjoyed life and had many forms of entertainment. The Germans enjoyed feasting, drinking, dancing and gambling. Organized sports like boxing and wrestling were also popular. The German people thought of themselves as superior. The Romans enjoyed gambling and used the common bath houses they had built as a form of socializing. They used their engineering to build gymnasiums for exercise and stadiums where they watched free Gladiatorial games. They had actors and musicians who could become famous with their plays and musicals. They built large libraries and museums. They were a cultured society who were interested in arts as well as sports.

The Romans and Germans technique in the way they fought in battle was famous and is studied even today by soldiers. Both were known for the unique strategies in battle. Their techniques where both different but genius in the same way that made them both famous in history today. One of the biggest differences is the way they fought. The Roman armies all used the phalanx as a fighting formation. Romans wouldn’t treat a defeated nation as slaves, but would world "invite" them to ally and basically become part of Rome. The Germans treated captured people like slaves.

The Romans and Germans were both difference in their own kind of ways, But they both found a way to become famous in history up to this day because of their techniques in war, lifestyle, inventions, entertainment and so much more.
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