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For this assignment we were asked to write a factual based essay on Germans compared to Romans. We were asked to explain the culture of the Romans as well as the Germans, then compare at least three reason why they are different.We also were asked to do a certain format. This format is the five paragraph essay. This means we have a introduction, three paragraphs supporting the topic, and a conclusion to conclude our work.Below this paragraph is my essay for this assignment.

Imagine Germans and Romans on the battlefield fighting against each other! Was it from their differences? Yes, it must be! Well, what type of differences led them to this imaginary fighting? Let’s find out! The Germans were people that relied on agriculture. They lived in huts that had thatched roofs and lived with their animals on one side of the house. The Germans made a living by herding cattle and farming. Germans strongly believed in being polite. It was against the law to even turn down someone when people were having celebrations. The Germans spoke a language that is similar to modern German, but it didn’t have a written language so they adopted the Roman written language. They wore simple clothing as well. Romans on the other hand, had a very urban city with a lot of trade that occurred. Romans either had very poor people or very wealthy people. A typical Roman person would live in an apartment building with running water above a shop of some sort. The lower class people in Rome made a living by farming or working in shops, while the rich people didn’t work much at all. These types of people are very different. The major differences between Romans and Germans however, were how they fought, their laws, and their daily life.

One major difference between Romans and Germans was their way of fighting. Germans spent most of their lives training for war even when they were young boys. To be an official German man they held sacred ceremonies where the soon-to-be- man would be given a spear and shield under a full moon in a grove. They had to keep the shields with them at all times or it would be considered a disgrace. Unlike the Romans that were divided into legions to fight, Germans were in clans. Clans are groups based on family relations. Also Romans didn’t have chieftans who were military leaders. Germans first elected these chieftans, but later on it was based on heredity. Clans typically gave loyalty towards them. The chieftans would supply the warriors with leadership, weapons, and an adventure. Additionally, while Germans didn’t have a specific way of fighting, the Romans did within their legions. Legions would fight all together and occasionally break off, while Germans were divided into small bands. The bands would make sneaky raids and charge while screaming to scare people away. Germans soldiers also used different weapons than the Romans such as daggers, short swords, and heavy axes. They also had wooden shields while Romans had large metal shields. The fighting styles of Romans and Germans were not much alike.

The laws for the Germans and the Romans were also very different. Germans did not write their laws down, but passed them down from generation to generation. The Romans did almost the complete opposite because they made sure that the laws were written on twelve tablets so they would be clearly followed. Unlike Romans (or so it’s said), Germans had fights that were usually from alcohol called blood feuds. These fights would go on from generations to generations to seek revenge for one another. Germans had judges to prevent situations like these from happening. The Germans would have to take an oath that they were not guilty. They would be defended by oath-helpers. If a German couldn’t find an oath-helper they would have to have an ordeal, which was a major trial. Some ordeals included walking on coals, and if you healed in a certain amount of days then that proved you were not guilty. Another ordeal was throwing you into a lake, and if you sank, then you were innocent. Sometimes, instead of physical punishment, a tax, called a wergeld, could be put on you. Wergeld costs depended on what crime you did. Just like Romans, German punishments also depended on how high you were in a class. Some German and Roman laws were similar, but overall, laws for German and Romans were quite different.

The Romans and Germans also differed in their daily life. Germans were a more agriculturally based civilization, while Romans were an urbanely based civilization. For example, Germans lived in houses centered on farmland. Their homes were huts with thatched roofs with open spaces surrounding them. Also, Germans shared their houses with animals on one side to produce more heat for the houses. Germans also made a living by farming. This is different from the Romans who lived in apartment many floors high in the cities. They also farmed, but as the civilization started changing, the Romans left the farming to slaves. Additionally, the gap between rich and poor didn’t seem as great between Germans compared to the Romans because Germans welcomed everybody to participate in any past time or event. That is because they had a lot of hospitality. Generally speaking, Romans were not similar to Germans when it came to their way of life.

Germans and Romans are not similar. They have different laws. For example, Germans enforce ordeals upon someone that has committed a crime while Romans didn’t do that. They also have different military techniques. Romans had legions to fight, while Germans had bands that fought. Lastly, the Germans’ way of life was based upon farming with huts for houses, while Romans were centered in an urban area that had large apartment and animals typically didn’t go inside. Now you know why the Germans and the Romans would have a fight about their differences because they are not the same at all.

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