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Overview: I had to write about the Germans and Romans in five paragraphs. I had to compare both of the cultures to find the differences between them. I think I did very well comparing them together by topic. But what I could work on was explaning the topics more.


Romans Vs. Germans Essay

Do you like blood baths, then you should read about the Romans and Germans. There are differences that the Romans and Germans have. Such as the daily life. The warriors, and the law. And you will read about all of them. Lets get started.

Daily life was very different for the Germans and the Romans. The Romans lived in a city and the Germans lived in a village. The Roman wealthy houses were big and made of marble. They had a furnace for heat and water. The poor Romans lived in apartments called Islands. They were tall and made of stone. The Germans lived in long thatched roof huts. The wealthy people had wall hangings and carpets. The hut was open and divided into two sections. One section was for the animals and the other was for the family. The house was kept warm from the body heat from the animals. The Romans got their food and goods by trading with other countries and civilizations. The Germans got their food by planting and harvesting crops. They traded locally.

Fighting was very different in both civilizations. In the Roman Empire their warriors trained every day. The German warriors spent their free time fighting, hunting, or making weapons. The Romans also had a planned fighting style like the phalanx. The Germans had no organized fighting style. The Romans also never retreated. The Germans admired all bravery.

The Romans believe that the law comes from the emperor. The Germans believe that the law comes from the people, which means that the rulers could not change the law until the people approved. The twelve tables of the Roman empire were laws hung up in the city for people to read. The Germans did not write down laws they would pass them down by words, and they had to memorize them. The Roman law tried to be fair by treating Romans and non Romans equally. The German law was not fair. It was not fair because you can get out of the biggest thing by having wealth and importance.

There were differences between the Romans and Germans. The differences were in daily life the fighting style, and law. Daily life was different because the Romans lived in cities and the Germans lived in villages where they farmed for their food. Fighting style is different because the Romans had a planed fighting style, the Germans did not. Law was fair in Rome it was not always fair for the Germans because you could get out of trouble in you had wealth and importance.

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