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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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I was asked to write a five paragraph essay. It was about comparing the two different cultures of the Roman and the Germans.

Social Studies Essay
Romans vs. Germans

Two different empires, two different types of lives. These people are the Romans and the Germans. They are different in many ways. The three paragraphs are going to be about law, lifestyle and their army. They have different laws, lifestyles and army. Here are some reasons why they are different in laws, lifestyles and warriors.

The Roman army and the German army were very different. The Roman army had tons of protection and Germans barely had any. The Roman army had standardized equipment. The Roman Army had swords, shoes, daggers, helmets, shields, and full body armor. The Germans only had a shield and a sword. Each German had different equipment none of them look the same, unlike the Romans all the equipment looks the same. Germans fought in small groups called clans. The Romans fought in legions of 5,000 warriors. These are some differences between the Roman and German army.

Roman and German had two different ideas for their laws. . The Roman laws were written on the 12 tablets. The Germans passed down the laws from adult to child. The Germans based their laws on their customs. The Romans didn’t. The Germans came up with their laws and the Roman Empire came up with all of their laws. The Roman Empire could change the laws at any time, but the German villages all had to agree with the new laws. These are some of the differences in laws between the Romans and the Germans.

The Roman lifestyle is different then the German lifestyle. For the Roman housing it depends if you’re rich or poor. If you were rich you lived in a house called a Domus. It had marble wall, windows, stonewalls and a furnace. The poor lived in dirty, small islands. Islands are like an apartment. They also lived in cities. The Germans lived in the countryside. They lived in thatched huts in two parts. One part for the humans and the other part for the animals. The animals heated the huts like the furnace heats the domus. These are some different lifestyles between the Romans and the Germans.

In conclusion the Germans and the Romans had very different civilizations. They had different battle styles, housing, army equipment and laws.
The German culture was centered on families and a simple lifestyle.
The Roman culture was centered on its empire and wealth. These are all the differences between the Roman and the German civilizations.
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