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Overview of essay.

We did a 5 paragraph eassy to compare Roman and German culture.The goal was to have a 5 paragraph eassyon roman and gerrman cluture.



The Germans and Romans are different in so many different ways. The Romans and Germans are two very different groups of people. They lived in different worlds. I will compare them in 3 he rights of plebeians. All   Romans belonged to the assemblies, which would declare war or agree to peace terms. These are some comparisons of Law and government.

ways. But first the Germans are way different than the Romans because they live in villages around farmlands and pastures. They live with their animals. These are your Germans. My first comparison will be that German warriors and Roman soldiers are different. My second             compassion will be the Romans and Germans daily lives. My third will be the differences in Roman government and German law. These are my comparisons.

           Germans and Romans are very different. One way is German warriors and Roman             soldiers. The way each one fought is different. Germans were put into clans or groups based on their family ties. If the run the run, they wouldn’t get killed.  They would give loyalty to their military leader called a chieftain. Chieftains gave his man leadership and weapons. They kept the peace between their warriors. Their love for battle was linked to their religion. They would fight in       their clans. The Romans would be killed if the run and they would fight in one big group. Those are the comparisons for war.

  My second comparison is their daily lives. Well, Romans bathed everyday while      Germans rarely bathed. The Germans lived in homes with their animals on the other side of the house and Romans lived in apartments called islands. The Germans spoke German and the Romans spoke Latin. They did all their daily chores differently.  They had different jobs then each other. Those are my comparisons for their daily life.

           My third comparisons are the law and government. Romans thought law came from the emperor and Germans thought it came from people. Germans based laws on their ancestors they didn’t write the laws down they memorized them, and  passed them from parent to child. The German legal system didn’t treat everyone fair, though they did keep peace. The Roman government had different people far different jobs. They had two head consuls chosen every year, and then a senate which was made up of 300 men chosen for life, and judges, assemblies and             tribunes or the government officials who protected  

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