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Welcome to our blog. We are a group of 3rd grade students from Grand Forks, ND. Our blog is intended to communicate our learning throughout the year through authentic interaction. The students will be actively involved in their own learning. They will work with one another to learn the value of collaboration through expression, peer teaching and editing. We are excited to have this opportunity to share our ideas and knowledge with you and we look forward to your feedback. We hope you enjoy our blog and enjoy watching us learn and grow.


teacher: Mrs. Mercil

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On May 1st I learned about water safety. I learned about different types of life jackets. My favorite part was the hypothermia example with ice-cold water and objects at the bottom that you had to grab. The Fatal Vision goggles were also very fun because they showed how drunk people are disoriented. I sure wouldn't want those people driving my boat! I enjoyed the boats inside that can be driven so easily! I suspect that bigger ships are harder to navigate. All around the trip was an excellent field trip to do. I would really want to go back there someday.
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My favorite animals are spiders. The animals that I find the most interesting are ants. I have a tarantula, who is a Chelian Rose hair tarantula.

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