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In Social Studies we were asked to research and compare Romans and Germans. Then we had to put the information into a five paragraph essay.

Roman and Germanic Comparisons

Did you know that the Roman Empire covered at least 1/3 of Europe at its peak or that a Germanic tribe settled France? The Germans were several warlike tribes spread across Europe, and they were mainly farmers. First, you will read about the Romans’ trade empire to the Germans’ agricultural tribes. Then, you’ll read about the Germans’ rural tribes differ to the Romans’ urban empire. Finally you can learn about how there were many German tribes, but only one Roman Empire.

Our first comparison is comparing Rome’s trade to the Germans’ agriculture. First, the Romans are a trade empire because they had such a large empire they could get many things from different places and they won’t even leave the borders.The Germans are agricultural based because they are in clans which are much smaller than an empire so they must make their own food locally instead of trading to get food. Finally, Rome used to be an agricultural based, but then they got so big that they had no need to make food in Rome and instead they had a more agriculturally productive part of their empire make food for the empire and trade would allow food to be spread across the empire. These are the major differences between Rome’s trade and the German’s agriculture there are some other things, but they are not as big.

Now you can read about Rome’s vast and urban empire compared to the Germans’ separated rural tribes. First, the Roman Empire took up about a third of Europe and even went into parts of Asia and Africa. Second, the Romans were based in cities while Germans were in tribes. The roman cities were crowded and there were many people living in unhealthy conditions, while the Germans lived in semi-isolated villages in a little healthier conditions and it wasn’t as crowded. Finally, Rome was one empire while the Germans had several different tribes and clans. That is the biggest comparisons between the roman’s large urban empire and the small separated rural German tribes.

The last comparison is that there is one Roman Empire and many German tribes. The Roman Empire was a united empire that was still standing even when an emperor was killed. The Germans were many tribes that wouldn’t call themselves Germans. Finally, while the Germans lived in clans the Roman Empire was one massive empire. Those are the differences between the Germans and the Roman Empire when it comes to how many there are.

In conclusion we discussed many differences between the Germans and the Roman Empire. We learned that while the Romans had trade the Germans had to make their own food. Also we learned the differences between the Roman Empire’s urban based empire compared to the Germans rural tribes. Finally, we learned how the Romans and Germans compare when it comes to how many tribes or empires there were. These are some of the major or important reasons why the Romans were different from the Germans.
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