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by teacher: Rye Alumni

For this essay done in social studies, we used the five paragraph essay format. We took the information from our text book and compared the Germanic tribes and the Romans. Here is my essay:

German Essay

    Around three hundred C.E. Rome allows groups of Germans to cross their borders into the Danube River valley; that is where Rome went wrong.  The German were groups or tribes of people who lived in villages surrounded by farmlands and pastures.  Germans took part in Roman life but, they also kept some of their own culture. The people who worked in the fields for the Romans were very different from those of the Germans.  While Rome had an entire and powerful army, Germans had clans with extremely different fighting styles. The Germans decided what the law would be very differently than the Romans.  This essay is going to describe three differences between Germans and Romans.

Both the Germans and the Romans had farmers as part of their population.  The Roman farmers were mostly men, boys, and enslaved people.  The farmers in the German villages were women, children, and slaves.  For Germans, the men were almost always hunting, fighting, or training for battle.  Boys joined the clans at a young age so they were not able to help with the farm work.  Romans on the other hand had only men in the army but, they were also training constantly.  Farmers could not join the army at points in Roman history because they needed to produce food for the people in the cities.  

Not all men in the Roman empire fought in the army but, all in the Germanic tribes fought.  Rome had a very large army.  When Rome had grown too large for the army to protect its borders, it was sort of useless.  The Germanic tribes had their own clans and rarely fought as a group.  When they did the two chieftains would have to agree on a plan and a fighting style.  The Germanic tribes were very violent.  The German tribes did however have something in common with the Roman Empire.  The Germans fought for the chieftains and the chieftains fought for victory.  The Roman soldiers pledged allegiance with the generals instead of the Roman Empire.   

    Romans chose the laws for the good of the body of the people.  The laws for the Romans came from the emperor.  Germans were the exact opposite.  They chose the laws for the individual people.  The German law came from the people.  The German rulers could not change the law unless they got the O.K. from the people.  The emperor of Rome could change the law whenever he wanted and the people had no say.  The Germans based their law after what their ancestors had used for law.  Instead of writing down the laws, Germans verbally passed them down from parent to child and so on.  

There are many differences between the Germans and the Romans.  While the Romans were a very large empire with a trained army, the Germans were in smaller clans that could also make a impact.  Romans had their slaves to work on the plantations that produced agricultural food.  The Germans grew it themselves.  Laws in different places are decided different ways.  This was the case with the Romans and the Germans.  Just like Americans and Africans the Germans and the Romans were very different.  
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