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In Social Studies we were asked to research Roman and German culture and compare it in a 5 paragraph, factual essay.


Which would you rather be, a Roman or a German? You don’t know? Here let me compare them for you to help with your decision. The Germans were not considered civil, they were considered barbarians by the Romans because they did not speak Latin. The Germans and Romans had very different ideas of lifestyle, law and army, but neither was right or wrong.
The way of life for the Germans was very different from the Romans. The Germans took part in some of the Roman life, but they kept mostly to their own culture. They lived in thatched huts with mostly farmland and woodland surrounding them. They made their living herding cattle because it provided food and clothes, and occasionally trading with the Romans.Most of the work around the house was done by women, children, or slaves because the men were usually hunting or fighting. Germanic women wore sack-like dresses or long skirts occasionally with a pin or brooch at the shoulder. The men wore tunics with trousers and sometimes a cape with a pin at the shoulder. To the Germanic people, hospitality was very important, so much that it was against the law to turn anyone away from your home. The Romans on the other hand, lived what we would now call ‘a city life.’ If you were a middle class or poor citizen that lived in the city, you lived in an island, or a six-story apartment. If you were rich, you usually lived in a big villa in the countryside. In Rome, the father was the head if the household, his word was law. He arranged children’s marriages and went to work while the wife did her duties at home. The Roman aslo either took part in or watched the Gladiatorial Games at the Colosseum. This was when prisoners of war, enslaved or poor people would fight to the death, against each other or against animals. Romans also watched chariot races at the Circus Maximus, which was a round race track in a building that had a similar shape of the Coloseum.
The Germans were very war-like people, and their war strategies were very different from the Romans uniform lines of legionaries and their extreme discipline and organization. The Germans did not use a fixed set of fighting plans, instead they barged in surprise raids, shouting and screaming to scare the enemy. Germanic soldiers used short swords, heavy wooden axes and daggers as weapons during a battle. Their armor was a wooden shield and a leather suit. Only the men fought in war and they spent most of their time fighting, making weapons and hunting. The warriors went into training when they were just boys and at the end of their training, they earned a sword and shield. Loss of these meant loss of honor. The warriors were divided into groups called clans, these were based to their family ties. The military leader of a clan was called a chieften. German war was closely linked to their religion. They had many gods of war such as Thor and Wodan. The Germans expected their soldiers to win or die fighting. The Romans fighting strategies were almost the exact opposite of those of the Germans. The
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