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This is my 5 paragraph essay comparing the German culture with the Roman Culture. This is going to go in my 7th grade portfolio.

5 Paragraph Essay Romans vs. Germans

Have you ever wondered what the Germanic tribes that took the Romans place were like? When Rome began to weaken and the tribes moved further into Rome there was a lot of culture being mixed together. Western Rome and the Germans lived side by side. This created some similarities and a lot of differences. Their governments were nothing alike. They both like to fight. But the conditions on which they lived were very different. For this essay I’m going to compare the two cultures.
First is the government and law. The Roman Empire was a military dictatorship. It was controlled by the emperor and his army. The emperor had the final say and was usually backed by his military and guard. The Germans had a very different view on government. They believed that law should come from the people. The German rulers couldn’t change a law if the people didn’t agree. The Germans also didn’t write down their law as opposed to the Romans who did (twelve tables).
The next thing that to compare is warfare. The Romans fought a lot of battles but always claimed to be on the defensive. They were a well-organized fighting force. The Germans were different. They didn’t hide their love for warfare at all. In the Roman Empire you might get money if you defeat somebody but the Germanic people earned status based on how strong of a warrior they were. Depending on how many fights you won you might be elected Chieftain (leader of a set of warriors) by your fellow warriors.
The last thing that to compare is the difference in the way the Romans and tribal Germans lived. Rich Romans lived in incredible mansions and led luxurious lifestyles. The larger percent of the population (poor people) lived crammed together on islands (large apartment buildings). The Germans lived differently. They had simple thatched roof hut that they split in half. Half for them and half for the animals. The animal's’ body heat would warm the hut and would be a way that they could heat their huts. There was also not nearly as big a gap in the rich and poor in Germanic society then there was in Roman society. This was because the Germans were an agricultural society where most of the people were farmers. This left a very small gap between the lower and upper classes.
To conclude, there are a lot of differences in these two cultures: warfare, government, and how they lived. The Germans had a much simpler way of life compared to the Romans. They both liked warfare but the benefits from winning a battle were different. The government was a people’s government for the Germans and a military dictatorship for the Romans. These cultures had some similarities but were very different overall.
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