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by MSMA teacher: Rye 8th Team
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In Social Studies class, after learning about the Romans we studied the Germans. When we finished learning about the Germans our teacher asked us to write an essay comparing the differences between the Romans and Germans. This is the Essay I wrote:

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a Roman and a German was long ago? German is what we call the several Germanic tribes with similar beliefs. They migrated south, into what was the Western Roman Empire, because of climate change in the north. The Germans were very dirty agricultural people that the Romans got along with half the time. The Romans and the Germans were very different from each other in many ways. A few of the reasons they were different is because of their ways of life, their army's and their laws and government. This essay will explore some differences between the Romans and the Germans.
The German way of life was simple. They lived in small villages. Romans lived in cities. Germans lived in small huts with their animals on the opposite side of the living side to keep their houses warm, unlike the Romans that had separate farms for their animals. The Romans had farmers and their families work on the farms to provide food for the empire. The Germans were very agricultural. The Romans, however, were a trade empire and Rome depended on cities and other empires such as India and China for spices and silk. Also Germanic men wore trousers, which were pants and Roman men wore tunics, which were robe garments. Over all Germans were farmers and Romans were traders.
Germanic armies were separated into clans based on family history. The leader of their army was called a Chieftain. The Chieftain’s job was to keep peace and had complete loyalty. They became a Chieftain by fighting well; over time becoming a chieftain became hereditary. The clans fought in Warrior Bands, which had no fixed plans and raided other armies and territories often. The Germans had great love for war because of their gods. Their gods were very war like; they to fight and hunt. The Roman army was the complete opposite. The Roman army was broken into legions, which was random, and their leader was a General that fought well and kept his army disciplined. The Roman army was very well disciplined and always had a fixed plan for attack.
Germans believed that the people should run the government. Romans believed that one person should run the government and that law came from the emperor. There were Germanic Kings, but most of the laws were passed down from ancestors. The only way for a King to change or add a law is if the people approve of it first. There were no written laws because all laws were passed down from parent to child. Romans had an Emperor that was their leader. The emperor made and changed laws. They also had all of their laws written down; an example is the Twelve Tablets.
Germanic people and Roman people were very different. They had different views of life; the Romans were a trade empire and the Germans were an agricultural empire. The Germans believed that the people should run the government and the Romans believed that an emperor should run the government. The Roman army was very strategic and disciplined while the German army was very disorganized and based on family ties.
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