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Overview of Essay

I wrote it to explain who the Germans were and give many differences between Roman civilizations and German civilizations. It explains three differences; housing, military, and entertainment. It explains leaders, fighting techniques, housing, living conditions and how these people were entertained.  

Building vs shack, Warrior vs legion, and Gladiators vs Gambling; Germans and Romans had completely different housing, military and entertainment. They both live completely different lives, from government to clothing.  These two are almost opposites, but they both have what’s needed to make a successful civilization. Germans are a tribal group made up of many clans; they live off the land and are very simplistic people compared to their neighbors the Romans.  They are ruthless and fearless much like the Romans but their ambition is stronger.

    People in the city of Rome are either living the high life in palaces, or the low life in a cramped apartment, but either way they have a place to rest for the night.  Germans share a wooden and straw shack with their livestock; the animals provide warmth for them in the harsh winters. They lived in the shack with their entire family. They lived in villages that were supported by the cooperation between them, and survival of livestock.  Romans lived in marvelous palaces with indoor plumbing and heating.  Even poor Romans had a room with a bucket, and chair. They froze in the winter, but had some warmth provided by heat below in the shop.

     The militaries styles were different also, from their leaders to the weapons. Chieftains lead their warriors into their own battle, while a Roman military leader’s fought with strictness and efficiency. German warriors were built into clans or groups that had family ties. They won or lost their own battles with no help under their leader, the chieftain. They swore alliance to him like a Roman soldier needed to. They fought with wooden shields, short swords and heavy stone axes. Soldiers in the Roman army were supplied with a full body shied, and a helmet, plus upper body armor.

    A crowd screams in pleasure as a gladiator dies in the arena, Romans watch innocent people being killed or mangled in an arena. The man who probably had a family was killed in an unfair fight. Thousands of citizens cheered for the brutal and bloody sport that is the Gladiatorial Games.  A German group will be entertained by a wrestling or boxing match that isn’t fatal. They take pleasure in gambling livestock, dancing, drinking, and feasting. These were the things that kept a German crowd occupied. They had amazing hospitality and were friendly to guests when they stayed.  

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