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I think that world history fair influences our lives because it sort of shapes who we are and who we become. We learn a lot from other cultures and we sort of take what they are good at and we apply it to our everyday lives and maybe sometimes we even inspire others to do the same. I learned a lot of things about my topic which was Chinese food and I also learned a lot about Chinese dining and the Chinese people's strange customs like they don't drink anything during meals because they drink tea during most of the day and the only liquid they do have during meals is something like soup or stew.

The world history fair was a great leaning opportunity. I learned about a lot of things but I liked learning about the trojan horse and the plan behind the horse and why they started the Trojan war shich was ostarted because of a stupid girl that decided to run away with another prince. I also really liked looking at other people's musem displays. My guiding queston was how did ancient Chinese inspire today's modern food? I learned that it was mostly just tradition and people passing down things that had been passed down to them for years. I also learned that rice was the first grain farmed in China. I had a lot of fun with this project and I hope I do something like this next year
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