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On April 4, 2012, Kindergarten to grade 6 from MacNeill school went to the play Suessical The Mussical. The people who held the play were “Do It With Class,” the Suessical was held at the Conexus Art Center. The Basic idea of the play was to show lots of Dr. Suess’s books as a musical. I think that it was a hit, because it took so long for people to get there seats and the seats were full.

What happened was at the beginning they started with the Cat In The Hat and a character who was Jo-Jo the Mayor of whovilles son. Then they showed Horton when he found the speck of dust, they also showed the who’s from Whoville. They show all kinds of things, like when Horton was sitting on an egg. It shows all kinds of things from many of Dr. Suess’s books. They made everything dramatic and the actors knew what to do, when to do it.

I always knew who the characters where, even if they weren’t dressed like monkeys, I knew that they were monkeys. They had amazing volume, so I could always understand what they were saying. There body movements and jesters were always true to their character. They made everything look so easy.

The set established the mood and time period for the play. If it was when Horton was looking through the clovers, they had clovers, not necessarily 1000 clovers or whatever, but they used their imagination. They always had the right brightness/dimness for whatever part in the play they were at. They were always true to their character and period of the show they were at. The characters were always at the right place at the right time. The sound affects were always right for the mood.

The audience was very attentive and interested. I thought it was awesome. The actors were great, they were always dramatic and creative. I thought the Suessical the Musical was a great idea.
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