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                            I think the world history fair influences our lives today because it gets young folks of the day and age studying the past, and for us to get to know how people did stuff back in the ancient times. My guiding question was: Why did the ancient Chinese invent the magnetic compass? I learned a lot, especially that kids like to touch gel stuff on my 3-D project. It got annoying. I pretty much know all there is to know about the magnetic compass, so just ask me anything, (if you care). The most interesting part for me was the whole experience and finding out what other students were learning and building. I found out that ancient food isn’t all that great. Also, that some kids are big slackers. I had a fun time with the whole thing.


Part 2:      I have learned a many things during the world History fair.Some of the things I have learned is that cats in China were a good thing. I have learned that what each person wore back then, told a story. Clothes were hard to make back then, and paper dragons also told a story about china. The students have spent a while working on all of their projects, and I was very impressed about how some looked. I think this was a very good experience for me, and for the other students.
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