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I love the book so far. I think the main idea is how a community with diverse cultures comes together to create a garden. I felt really attatched to the characters when I started reading this book. My favorite character so far would have to be Kim. I think that her story is really touching. I know that I would have a hard time if my dad wasn't around. I think that the garden helped her to fill in the pieces of the puzzle that was left unfinished by her father. She is finding her identity. I didn't like Gonzago as a character as much. I felt like he wasn't as attached to the garden as much as the other characters. Even though he learns a lot from the garden, he is not as important to the development of the garden as the other characters. I am enjoying the book, and the activities that come along with it. I think it is cool that we got to plant tomtato seeds for the Canadian Space Agency, even though I don't have a green thumb! I also enjoyed creating a visual interpretation of the book in technology with a picture quilt. We got to find lots of pictures and compile them into one big picture with little details from the book everywhere you look. I am so happy that the whole school has gotten involved with the all school reads book. Reading this book with the rest of the school is an awesome experience.
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