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Something I like about the formatting is that it gets everyones oppions on the garden and what they struggles they have gone through with life. The Big idea for me is that one little girl made a big difference in her community by just a few seed I also think this is about a community putting aside their differences and coming together as one. A character I didn't like in the beginning was the old lady who thought that the little girl was doing something wrong and that she just jumped to the conclusion that everyone in this neighbor hood were bad people but that was'nt necessrily true.
I had so much fun with the activities like in science we're planting tomato, in math we made flowers out of cans, in Language Arts class we panted rocks but mine doesn't look very good. After all these activities I'd have to say the math activity was my faviorite beacause I like to make flowers and I had lots of fun with it, I also liked the rock painting because we didn't really have to do work but we could just relax and take a little break
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