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What I like about the format so far is that the book has a different character for every chapter. I like how the book does that because I get to see each characters story and feelings and I think that makes the book more understandable to me. I think the book is really about how a garden is able to bring together a neighborhood filled with different races and cultures. I believe that my favorite character so far is Kim because she started the garden and I believe she is the one who started to bring the neighborhood together.
I thought all the activites were entertaining in one way or another. My favorite activity was painting the rocks in Mrs. Lubich's class. I painted two round eyes with a frowny face and painted tears in the eyes and a teardrop going from it's eyes. The story behind my picture was that I was on the computer and decided to draw a picture on it. the first picture that came to mind was a face crying. So I created a huge frowny face and made it my screens background. Back to the activities. My least favorite activity was the one when I had to make a poem from another poem and decorated it with beans. I don't like poems. Sorry all you poem lovers! So now I end my wonderful blog!(Now, if you don't like my blog, well... lets just leave it at that!)
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