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Mad Cow Disease: How the New Case Was Discovered

Fear of mad cow disease was recently aroused as it was found that a cow that had mad cow disease, was slaughtered and used for meat. The cow was selected by random for testing and didnt show any typical signs of the contamination such as, unsteadiness, uncoordination, and low production of milk. Mad-cow disease causes a spongy deterioration in an animal’s brain and spinal cord; it can be passed on to humans through contaminated meat, and is deadly.

This article interested me due to it having to do with the spread of infectious disease. The way that we quickly responded to the outbreak and stopped it so fast amazed me. Also I happen to eat alot of beef, and the knowledge of knowing that there is chance of mad cow disease frightens and concerns me.

Cooney, K. (2012, April 25). Mad cow disease: How the new case was discovered. Retrieved from http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/04/25/mad-cow-disease-how-the-new-case-was-discovered/

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