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I'm not sure if this is just me but, I don't understand the point in spreading rumors about sommeone else. I've had plenty of rumors spread about me this past year. There are so many kids who commit suicide over things as childish as rumors. I mean, do people not realize this when they spread the rumor? Do they not think about the effect that it could have on the person?
I believe that people need to realize that there's more to a person than you think you may know. Rumors are spread daily and are spread by usually a person who knows nothing about the victim other than their name and appearance. It honestly makes me sick to think that someone could spread such horrible things about someone that they don't even know, or worse, someone that they once call their best friend.
Another thing about rumors that gets to me is the reasons that people spread the rumor. Most of the reasons are over things like, oh that's my friend not yours, or I like him and so do you so I don't like you. It's absolutely rediculous and disgusting. It seems that the most kids talk about anymore is eachother.
Many of rumors that I hear anymore are about very immature things. They range from, this person has this std, to this girl is pregnant with this guy's child. People thought that rumors were bad when they were things such as someone kissed someone else. Rumors have gone completely out of control and I think people should really stop worrying about other people's lives and worry about their own. This probably sounds like the biggest rant ever but I could honestly care less. I just think that people should think before they spread a rumor. Just think, this little lie could cause this person to commit suicide. It's not that difficult to stop and think.
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