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I actually have finished Seedfolks and my favorite chapter is the one with the tomatoes. I'm not going to spoil it for those of you who haven't gotten that far yet but I must say that chapter is very heartfelt. I think that the overall message of the book is awesome, but the author could have written a nicer ending. I thought that the ending was horrible! Other than that thought I really liked the book. Like I said I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't read that far so.....  Anyway, my thought on the activities is an okay one. I don't think that the activities are as entertaining as they could be. I mean I love plants and all that but the activities involving them could be better. Such as the library doing plants, I think that it's a wonderful idea to grow something in your library, but it would be a lot more interesting if we could expand on that just a little. I also believe that the activities in academics were a little bland. I think that painting rocks could have been something more interesting for a substitute (sorry Mrs. Lubich!).  If I could decide what the activities were to be I would definitely say that we should grow a school garden or raise a class pet or something like that. Still, the activities we did still related to Seedfolks so, if the people who organized the activities had the goal to really relate to Seedfolks, well then......... bull's eye! 

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