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I really liked the book! I finished it the day we got it. I think it’s a little short and we should have gotten a longer book for the all-school read, but, it was a pretty sweet book. It’s about a little community, who’s been through rough times, but then a little girl plants some Lima beans in an abandoned lot, and somehow that ties the community together. It ends up with a big garden and a happy ending and yadda yadda. I sort of liked all the characters; I don’t really have a favorite or least favorite. I think this week was a lot better than a regular week, because we tied all the classes together, and it wasn’t like 1st period: Science, 2nd period: Humanities, it was more mixed together, and I think that was fun. One of my favorite parts was when we painted rocks (cough cough excuse me, PETRIFIED POTATOES.). Mine looks like a cow. It has cow spots all over it and I wrote “MOO” on it. I have a question though, are we going to make a school garden? Cause I know last year we had people bring eagles and hawks and wolves (which was AWESOME=http://), but aren’t we going to do something for this book? Just wondering.
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