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I think that it is really clever how he did each chapter from a different point of view, and didn't really say how each person ended up, but you could kind of guess by what happens at the end. The big idea is that a bunch of people of different background and ethnicity who never talked to each other before come together and formed a community garden where it transforms everyone's lives and they are all happy together gardening there. I liked and disliked Marciela. I liked her because of her "teenage attitude" ("I have went to exactly zero parties, and I've been asked out exactly zero times, including by the scum who got me pregnant"). I disliked her because of her attitude towards her life ("I'm a Mexican, pregnant sixteen-year-old. So shoot me and get it over with. I wouldn't actually care if you did"). I only did two activities: planting tomato seeds in Science, and a music-matching game in Band. I liked the one in Band better, because I actually got to involve, since my group members just hogged all the work in Science. For the matching game, Mr. Silloway played short clips of music, and we had to match it to the people from Seedfolks who were from the country we thought it best went with, with the exception of only two decoys. I have already finished the book, and I was impressed how Paul Fleischman tyed so many people together with the garden so that they were all happy eventually.


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