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Dear Mum,

Today my friend got shot in the arm. It was sad for him, so I got his gun, went up , and shot the enemy back. It felt cool. That was the first time I used a gun, so I shot one more and ran back in to the trench.

One of our soldiers gave me his biscuit. I took it and and thanked him, and he said "You're welcome." I tried to have a bite but it was too hard to bite. I threw it at the Turks and they threw it back at me. It hit me and snapped in half.

The war is really hard for me. The trench is uncomfortable. It is muddy. I have to stand up while sleeping or rats will run all over me. If I put my head up out of the trench I will get shot at.

The Turks throw shells that blow up and can kill people. Some people have been killed, and I feel worried, angry, and sad. When I found a shell, I threw it out and two Turks died. Some of us were happy, but we were worried because we knew that they will try to get us back.

We eat bully beef stew all the time and it is yuck.
I miss you! Some of my friends say hi.
Lots of love and hugs from Kawairangi.

Miss you so much!
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