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“Seedfolks” was a pretty good book. The format was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I thought it was very cool how the author was able to tie all the characters together even when he was switching them constantly. Speaking of characters, my favorite was Kim. She was the one who started the garden. Against all odds, she was able to bring people from different backgrounds to the garden slowly but surely. I really think the big idea was that know no matter who you are or what you do, we can all put aside our differences to complete a common goal. In this case the common goal was maintaining a garden.I was able to do two activities relating to the book. The first was planting tomato seeds with Mrs. Kosters. It was pretty cool because the experiment is for the
Canadian Space Program. I also did an activity with Mrs. Lubich. I got to paint a rock to make some scenery. I honestly do not know how it tied into "Seedfolks" except that there are rocks in gardens. My favorite (and final) activity correlating with the book was Mr. Howard’s can flower making. It was really fun to make flowers with recycled materials. But, I just thought of something that actually does relate to the book itself. After the garden was said and done, It was really cool to see all the colors and different cans that make up the flowers that make up the garden. This is kind of how all the different people with different ethnicities came together to make something beautiful.  In both scenarios the beautiful thing was a garden. I started out not liking “Seedfolks” but now I am really getting the concept and enjoying it.

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