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We are a class of Year 5 and 6 learners who will use this space to communicate, collaborate and reflect as we explore on our learning journey. Please leave a comment to encourage us on our way!

by Gay Timpany
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Welcome to term 2. We have got two new students, Phoebe and Wirihana. They both used to attend the same school in Western Australia before coming to Malfroy. Now they are in the same class.

This week we had a special ANZAC Assembly to remember the soldiers who fought in the wars.

Mrs T was in Gallipoli for ANZAC Day last year and she shared her experiences visiting Turkey, London and Belgium.

Thank you to the R16 students who helped with Mrs T presentation. Dionne, Terina and Natalia flag bearers of the Turkish, Australian and NZ flags.

Kaleb who helped with the computer power point. Glynn for breaking the NZ flag and raising it up the flag pole. Glynn also spoke well into the microphone reading the Commonwealth Declaration.

Phoebe and L.J. did a great job carrying flowers and placing them under the flag pole.

Well done R16, I am very proud of you.
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