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Modigliani is a famous artist who made his own amazing style of art. He usually did elongated necks, faces and noses and shoulders to the edge of the page.

His Early Years

He was born on July 12th 1884, Livorno, Itlay. As a child he suffered from pleurisy and typhus, which prevented him from conventional education. The outbreak of WW 1 increased the difficulties for his life.

His Painting Styles

A find example of his figure paintings is a reclining nude in 1919 at Guggenheim Muesuem he had an interesting arrangement with planes and curved lines.

Exhibitions and Paintings.

In 1909 he met a Romanian sculptor, Constain Brancusi about African sculpturing. In Paris he came interested in post impressionists paintings by Paul Cezanne. In 1908 he exhibited 5 –6 paintings at Salon De Independents.


Modigliani is acknowledged as one of the most significant and original artists of his time. Sadly his death came though on January 24th 1920 at Paris, France.
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