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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)

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The Baudelaire orphans were riding the toboggan in the Stricken Stream. They found a submarine, so they knocked on the door and somebody said: “Who is it, Friend or Foe?” “Friend” said the Baudelaire’s. He said: “Come in” The Baudelaire’s opened the door and went in. They went down and saw a Captain. The Captain said: “Hi Baudelaire's, my name is Captain Windershins, this is my daughter Fiona, this is my chef Phil, and this is my Submarine and it’s called “Queequeg”. The Captain gave them there waterproof uniforms. They went to work. They have to find where the Sugar Bowl is located . Klaus is doing the Tidal Charts, Sunny is cooking with Phil, and Violet is fixing the Queequeg better. They went to the Gorgonian Grotto to search for the Sugar Bowl but they didn’t find anything so they went back to the Submarine. They didn’t find the Captain or Phil . Sunny became sick because the Medused Mycelium was in her Diving helmet. Count Olaf’s Submarine sucked in the Queequeg and they found Fiona’s long lost brother and he is the Hook-Handed man , they found the antidote and the Baudelaire's escaped to briny beach and found a taxi that was waiting for the and went.

By: JG
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I love to read and my favorit book is sheila the great.I love to eat the african food foufou . i love my mom so much im really close to her.i love to practice ballet its a pleasure for you that you have read my semi blog

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