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I think that this books so far is okay but I don't really like it not because of the story or anything but because I don't like the setup of the whole story and how it goes from person to person. I think that the character changing gets really confusing. I think that the main point is that yeah some people are judgemental and make assumptions but if we all come together and do something that won't matter of what other people said about eachother because we all end up helping eachother out at one point or another. I don't really like any of the characters more than the others because it is predictable on what they are going to later on. I did like the character Curtis because I think it's funny how he is really cocky and then he finds a girlfriend named Lateasha and then later on in their relationship Lateasha sees Curtis with a girl on his arm and then she pretty much shuns Curtis. Later on in the story Curtis and Lateasha are still not together but Curtis decides that he finally want a wife and Lateasha wants a husband and so Curtis sees everyone planting things in the empty garbage lot; and he remembers that tomatoes are Lateasha's favorite adn so he decides to plant some and then makes a sign that says Lateasha's tomatoes and then one day he sees her peeking out from behind her curtains at him planiting the tomatoes. I sort of like Seedfolks but sometimes it is still really confusing. I am really excited to do the activity in Mr. Howard's class and make a metal flower as well as plant tomatoes in science.
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