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We are a group of 7th graders from Colorado who want to practice our writing and communication skills. We are excited to expand the walls of our classroom and collaborate with other classes! Please leave us comments and your blog URL, so we can respond back to you!


teacher: Mrs. Lubich

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The Amphitheater of Rome!
For my humanities project, I am researching the Colosseum. About the Colosseum, I am looking up things that make the building unique. A few facts about the amphitheater are that it is not in a circle, but in an oval and it can seat up to 50,000 people! Also, for my 3-D display, I am planning on making my interpretation of a velarium. A velarium is an awning that was used as shade in the Colosseum. It was held by masts and constructed by over 1,000 men. During this next week, I will need to work on and finish the museum display and the trifold for my project.
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