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by teacher: Brian McLaughlin
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"Draw Something" Update Brings About New Features!

With the new update available the mobile application "Draw Something" now allows users to comment and save their drawings to their photo library. They can also directly share their creations through Facebook or Twitter! Adding chat to the app was also part of the plan, but it is difficult because they do not want to ruin the guessing aspect of the game. This app has come a long way and the creators are very surprised with the outcome!

This article interested me because I personally own this app and I think it is great how you are now able to do so many other things with it. You can share your drawings using social networking and communicate with the person you are playing with. These are major advacements and now I'm about to update my app to be able to experience these new features!

Price, E. (2012, April 19). 'Draw Something' Update Adds Chat, Photo Capturing, Sharing. Retrieved from http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/19/tech/mobile/draw-something-app-updated/index.html

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