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For my World History project my topic is Bushman rock art. African heritage has always been of interest to me. The colors and designs have always drawn my attention, but the subject was too modern for the project’s needs. My searches led me to Bushman rock art. It is said that the Bushman people were the first to inhabit Africa. The Bushman rock art is basically paintings on rock, and some might be carvings as well. Normally the paintings are pictures or scenes of men hunting, animals, landscapes, and children and women. The painting are believed to have been a way for the Bushman people to keep count of days and time, or even keep track of accomplishments. The Bushman paintings have inspired modern day paintings and sculptures. For my project I am planning on creating a diorama of where the bushman people lived. I am also going to make a replica of some Bushman art, made out of plaster. I am definitely looking forward to seeing my friends projects and being able to present mine!!!
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