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Welcome parents and students! This is our writing blog. We invite you to make comments and to take the time to enjoy the pieces shared by these talented students.

by Demitra

teacher: Patti-Jo

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I woke up with a flash as I looked at my alarm clock. I was late, as usual, and if I didn’t move quickly I would be in so much trouble with the school principle. Our principle here at Sloth Middle School has a reputation of having one of the strictest principles in our state. I got dressed and gulped down a piece of toast while I headed out the door. Our family lived in a quaint house near the dock in England, where I could stare at the boats who came in and out each day. But today there was a ship I’ve never seen before. It was a real pirate ship!

Though I knew I was late, my curiosity to explore that boat was killing me, since I’ve always admired pirates when I was little. I used to dress up as one and pretend I was in the middle of the sea, battling other pirates for their loot. I decided it was a one in a lifetime thing, so I walked up into the boat and saw the captain hollering at one of his crew, because he accidentally left the captains pet parrot’s cage open, so it flew away never to be seen again. I hid behind a crate so that the captain wouldn’t see me, because I’m sure there would be trouble if he spotted a stowaway on his ship. The captain looked like a rough man, with an untrimmed beard and one of his front teeth golden. I looked up above the crate for a place to hide, but I didn’t succeed. He saw me, and I ran off the ship to my house. I never saw it again.

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