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“Hey, girls, get down here! I have someone here for you!” Mr. Hamilton called up.

Skye and Melody exchanged exasperated glances, both knowing exactly who it was. A few weeks ago, a boy named Wendell Havoc had moved into the peeling yellow house next door that had been vacant for over a year. He was head over heels in love with them, but the problem was, they didn’t like him back. They had their eye on Seth Peterson, a dashing boy who was the girls’ friend. The other thing was he didn’t know there were two of them, because he had only met Skye at the time, since Melody had been at soccer practice. Since then, they had taken turns meeting up with him- at their parents’ insistence, of course. The girls were identical right down to the last freckle, so he had no idea he was being made a fool of.

“Your turn!” the curly haistrawberry-blond girls exclaimed together. Melody raised an eyebrow and gestured towards the ever-growing pile of homework on her writing desk, and then said pointedly,

“It really is your turn, you know. Last time he visited I was at my writing group.”

Skye groaned and strode over to the door with her long, slender legs. “You really do owe me one, you know.”

Melody snorted. “No, I don’t. It’s totally even. We take turns.”

“Yeah, but I mostly see him because you are always at your practices or writing meetings.”

“Oh, right, like you never go to cheerleading practice, volleyball, ice-skating, ballet, and track meetings and competitions.”

Skye rolled her violet eyes and left to meet Wendell. Her hand shook on the banister as she slid it down the smooth, polished wood. She quickly raked her fingers through her hair, and stepped down to meet her father. Her temper flared when he shot her a smug smile. Ever since the first time she had met Wendell, since it had been Skye that time, her parents had the idea that Wendell was only in love with HER, and that she was in love with HIM. It was a great annoyance when they made casual comments about her “love life" at dinner. Of course, Melody couldn’t help but chuckle into her glass of water or snort into her plate of ravioli. Her parents were always confused when Melody went with him somewhere, until she explained that Skye was somewhere else, since their parents hadn’t yet picked up their ploy.

Wendell even liked her personality better than Melody’s. Skye knew as well as her sister that if he were to ever find out he would like Skye better, which of course Melody was relieved about. Skye braced herself as she stepped out onto the porch and came into view of Wendell’s adoring gaze...

To Be Continued….




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