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5-6 2011/2012

Here we are! We go to school in Bengough, Saskatchewan, Canada. We want to share what we are doing in our classroom. Come and see!

by Austin S

teacher: Carlene Gauley

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I was SO nervous I almost bit my whole nail off! That is of course because we had a dance competition. We stayed for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.I didn't dance on Friday but I did on Saturday and Sunday. I had jazz and hip hop.
In hip-hop we danced to the song I
Got A Feeling by the Chipmunks and not Black Eyed Peas. We got silver in hip-hop out of 7 groups!
In jazz we danced to Smooth Criminal and I think we either tied for gold or got silver, but I'm happy with anything because it's my first year. I'll pick up my jazz and hip hop medals on friday.
I had alot of fun dancing on stage :).

And that was my very nervous competition.
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