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In September 2006, my dog Meatball, a blue heeler puppy, was officially named a Jackson.  A few months later he started to get bigger and started chasing birds in the sky.  The first time we let him out of our sight he dug a hole under the fence and went and visited our neighbor Treg in his back yard. Treg returned him safely to us and we fixed the hole he dug.  Another few months went by and Meatball got even bigger.  He could chase the birds even faster and he learned how to jump towards them.  By the time Meatball was a year old he could jump an eight foot fence with no problem.  My dad would hold treats above his head and Meatball would jump up and get the treat.  Meatball also use to take a big pot we put water in and dump his water out and play with his pot.  He would bounce it all over the backyard.  He would start at one end of the backyard and jump and hit the pot, it would roll clear across the backyard, he would chase it and then turn around and  jump up and hit his pot again.  We lived in a house that the neighbor didn't like it when he did that, that neighbor called the Humane Society on my family and we had to take Meatball's pot away from him.  Now, he has a football on a rope that we play with him.  Meatball has been a great friend and protector.  He doesn't let anybody around our house that he doesn't know.  He barks everytime he hears someone new or sees someone walking, he even barks at the trash man. Meatball mostly is my brothers dog, but he still likes me.  This past August we added a new member to our family, Harley.  We are pretty sure that Meatball likes him, but he does keep Harley in line and lets him know who is boss.  I could go on for hours with stories about Meatball, I hope one day I will get to tell the same kind of stories about Harley.

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