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Veggie Omelet with Berries


This article is about how breakfast can help maintain weight loss and even reduce lead poisoning.  What is the healthiest breakfast?  According to Oz Garcia, a celebrity nutritionist, an omelet made with two organic egg whites, one egg yolk, spinach and tomatoes, with a half-cup of organic berries on the side.  Eating protein will help reduce cravings and hunger throughout the day.


I'm deeply interested by this because I've always been looking for a good breakfast to eat while being able to maintain a good weight.  I'm somewhat of a body builder, so I have to watch what I take in.  I believe that this meal will help me crush the cravings I have during the day.  Hopefully, it'll help me with increasing my metabolism.


Sifferlin, A. (2012, April 10). Veggie omelet with berries. Retrieved from http://healthland.time.com/2012/04/13/whats-the-healthiest-breakfast-heres-what-the-experts-say/ 



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